How to Buy Used Credit Card Terminals

You may want to consider buying a used credit card terminal for your business, which is a good option to have if you have budget restrictions.

It is more practical for small and medium-scale business owners to purchase a used credit card terminal. A big capital outlay for purchase is eliminated. The resources can be used instead for other more important expenditures. There are multiple sources for these card processing terminals. The costs of the credit card equipment differ depending on the condition as well as the vendor’s supply inventory and delivery method. It may be possible for you to buy affordable older models from local retailers or slightly used sophisticated apparatus from online outlets. Certain retailers are even willing to offer credit or installment schemes. This is ideal for those with limited budget.

Options for Business Owners

You can go for models with preferred features such as getting credit cards machines with or without printers and keypads. There are varieties which need dial-up mechanisms instead of Wi-Fi connection. Another possibility is to obtain terminals that can handle both credit cards and electronic checks. The merchant provider might disallow certain machines or charge more for keyed as against swiped transactions.

Contact different credit card terminal suppliers such as and Both of these dealers offer card processing services. Likewise, different providers offer terminals as a package with processing service over and above refurbished units.

Check out credit cards machines posted in online auctions like This is usually under the category of business, retail & services, or POS equipment links. You can verify seller background through buyer feedback and sales history to find out about integrity.

You can try local companies which are planning to close down operations since these may be selling credit card machines for business at bargain prices. Try to negotiate for lower unit prices especially if you intend to buy several machines. Just make sure to review warranties and replacement programs which may be available for second-hand machines. In fact, it is possible to get a machine almost for free. These companies may want you to sign up for their monthly service plans (similar to cell phone plans) provided you sign up for a two-year contract.

Things to Avoid in Acquiring Credit Card Machines

Refrain from dealing with companies that charge additional fees for account set-up, reprogramming or software. Most reputable companies include those services for free. Take a look at eBay which offers credit card machines for $.01 without any shipping costs. However, it is important to conform to the terms and conditions of the seller offering the machine. A $.15 per transaction is charged but there are no stiff fees. In other words, these companies will not charge extra for statements. There are no annual, batch or address verification system fees. You can also patronize the Flagship Merchant Services which offers the lowest prices if you have a good credit rating. This vendor offers numerous free services and technical support. Choose a warehouse if you require more than one credit-card machine. It is fairly cheaper. Merchant Warehouse introduces a low-price guarantee for applicants with good credit. It may charge higher rates for individuals deemed as credit risks.

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