What are Alternatives to Credit Card Machines?

There are a variety of ways that you can accept credit card payments as a business owner. You just have to conduct research to find out which method is best for you.

Majority, if not all, of retail establishments accept credit card payments for the convenience of consumers and to make the most of their revenues. The moment vendors decide to accept credit or debit cards, it is up to them to find out the most advantageous processing system for the customer and the enterprise. The conventional credit card equipment is the most common. Nonetheless, it does not work well for all enterprises or forms of transactions. It is essential to learn the options so you will know what is best for your business.

Online Processing Method

Internet processing for credit cards is said to be more functional than standard credit card machines for business. This is true if your business receives telephone, web or mail purchase requests from shoppers. The online processing system may work wonders if you have no access to the buyer’s credit card but only rely on relevant data. This approach is provided by some suppliers or credit card firms. It is made up of a fundamental program that can be installed in the business computer system. The program enables you to charge credit cards when you input customer name, account number, expiration date and type of card used. A small fraction is deducted for each transaction as service charge. This is the first alternative for credit card machines for business.

Telephone Credit Card Processing

The telephone credit card mode of processing is probably the most simple. It only needs basic equipment and can be utilized in all types of locations. It is ideal for businesses which have more transactions with offsite customers. This processing system can be subscribed directly from credit card agencies and independent dealers. This can be set up under your business name. When it is ready, you can use the system from any mobile phone in the world any time of day or night. This processing system can make charges, refunds and credits compared to the credit card machines. However, it looks quite unwieldy as against its high-tech counterparts.

Website Credit Card Processing Option

The website credit card processing scheme may be the best option if you want to sell commodities or services through your website. It can also be employed if you wish to create a dedicated site for your company. This card processor creates a webpage wherein the customer enters credit card information and process charges. This eliminates your participation in the process and lessens the time needed to buy goods or services. Website processors can be ordered from credit card companies as well as website creation and hosting. It is a good substitute for credit cards machines.


PayPal is a popular credit card processing function with unique advantages. Basic PayPal services can charge credit cards online from any PC. It has the capacity to link a PayPal button to your current website. This device enables shoppers to process their own charges and deposits those funds directly into your account. This can be withdrawn from a bank account of your choice. With the professional version, you can modify the customer processing page, process cards from any computer using your log in, and utilize a smart phone as the wireless credit card processing terminal for swiping and charging.

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